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Our two former warehouses

Our two former warehouses in the city centre of Bergen has been transformed for other purposes.

The oldest one, built in 1704, houses retail space and studios for arts and crafts.

The second and main warehouse, Blaauwgården, was constructed in real functionalistic style in 1938 on the grounds of our ancient wooden warehouse, also from 1704. The seven stories building used to house our stock of fertilizers and other agricultural products together with machinery for making pellets for chicken foods etc.

Today the building is used as office space and it also houses a conference centre integrated through a bridge to the neighbouring hotel, as well as a small marina around the building. The building is built into the harbour on water, rather than on dry land, in
traditional Bergen warehouse-style.

Our building is popular among tenants due to its prime location, awarded and iconic landmark architecture, unique and flexible open office spaces and marvellous views over the harbour and medieval parts of Bergen. Among our tenants are various shipping companies, brokers, architects, designers, tech companies, etc.


Our third building is under constructuion in Askøy, a municipality outside Bergen. This 300 sq. metre section of a lagrer warehouse will hold officespace for our trading business and space for production of chemicals and a small outlet for local customers.  


Totally we have approximately 4000 sq. metres for rent in addition to the space we use for our own purposes.

For queries regarding our buildings and renting possibilities, please refer to the contact page.