Verktøy Engros Bergen AS and Festplassen AS

All sales are handled by our wholesale companies, Festplassen AS and Verktøy Engros Bergen AS

A major part of our import is handled by our import company, Blaauw Hardware AS.

We are importing from China, USA, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Germany etc.   

We have more than 4000 different products that is retailed by most of the major retail chains in Norway. We also sell directly to industry and other professional end users. 

Our trade office is located at:

Storebotn 29
5309 Kleppestø

Tlf: 55 50 11 00
Fax: 55 50 11 01

The office for our holding company and real-estate company is separated and located at Øvre Kråkenes 17 B.

See our contact page for further details